AS-MAY Clothing Industry and Trade. Ltd. Sti. Throughout the commercial life of more than 35 years, the knowledge and experience with our valued customers, is proud to share.

From its inception, our company has a staff of experts engaged in the production in swimsuit, each has a large collection of esoteric.
All of them are imported fabrics in the accessory does not contain carcinogenic substances included in the approved certificates durability and is available in all of our products. Titizliğimizi This principle is subject to distinct target audiences with a wide range of expectations and are designed in accordance with the fashion  have aimed to cater to every taste.
Fair Light, Collezione, Cotton, Sevenhill, NBB, Colins collection and production companies, our company also has its own brands, such as the as-may, under the names of Armes and do not exceed Kids serves the domestic market. From the first moment of its establishment, the importance given to quality and perseverance tour de force as soon as possible, and the principles of the well-known swimwear industry has never given up. Does not change the principle of the firm is always quality, best service, timely delivery and competitive prices has been.
Our company has an annual 250,000 units lycra, polyester 150,000 units, 200,000 units sells children's swimwear and bikini. In addition to export to overseas markets and also has extensive experience in. Swimsuit 3600 m2 production area is quite large, high-tech swimsuits production machines and our expert staff is continuing its activities in this area.
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